What Is My T-Shirt Size

Some of you reading this might be wondering why such a blog post exists. You might be right in your thinking of the necessity of this information, but I can certainly tell you that would not be so for other people.
Yes, some of you are familiar with your t-shirt size, but at times when you wear one t-shirt you might be medium, when you wear another you might be a large. This makes you always try on the two sizes when purchasing a t-shirt. Since the introduction of ecommerce stores particularly for t-shirts, many people create some anxiety within themselves when they have to pick a size of t-shirt or any other clothing from their favourite brand.
You know, this as much as I do that no, ecommerce shop would give you the chance to try on their product, because the business of ecommerce shopping is based on a distant relationship. Due to this issue, clothing brands decided to ease your anxiety and pain by providing you with the sizes of clothing they provide for your purchasing pleasure.

This is a good thing, but it can also be a bit of a problem. Why? Because you do not buy all your clothes from one brand. Or the main point is, all clothing brands do not provide the same sizes of clothing. Some create their own sizes, others use the sizes from the blank clothing they attain from their suppliers, just like we do at Mind Binge Tees. Hopefully, as time goes on, we would create our own clothing size and not depend on blanks from suppliers.
That’s why I think it important to know not only your size from each of your favourite clothing brands but also the width and lengths of the sizes that you specifically wear, so you can measure that with what brands provide and choose the right size just for you.
If you purchase t-shirts from Mind Binge Tees or plan to, I’d advise you to take a look at our size chart for our t-shirts. Currently, as I stated we are supplied with blank t-shirts for our designs and yes we do have a size chart for you to peruse. Take your time and make sure to find the right size for yourself.


Value weight Size Chart
Size          Width (cm)          Length (cm)
S.              48.50                  69.50
M.             53.50                  72.00
L               56.00                  74.50
XL.            61.00                  77.00
XXL.          66.00                  78.50

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