Types of T-shirt Designs


Different t-shirt designs are always seen but not always known. There are different types that would be explained shortly. The types of t-shirt designs include Typography designs, Photography designs, Graphic designs, Branded Designs and Abstract Designs.


Typography Designs focuses exclusively on messages, phrases or slogans, with no images on the t-shirt.

Photography Designs focus on an image itself, and any text is complementary.

Graphic Designs have elements of both typography and illustrations. The design parameters include images usually paired with typography.

Branded Designs are created with the sole purpose of promoting a product, brand or company.

Abstract Designs are created by repeating nonsensical arrangements of images or texts that have no particular narrative.

Among the types of design mentioned, I mostly dabble in Graphic Designs, but I have done a lot of Typography designs which I find helps to easily express thoughts you might have.

Typography makes it easier to express thoughts, but with graphic designs you can express thoughts in illustrations that may have hidden meanings as sometimes seen in logos and artworks. These are all ways artists and logo designer expressed their thoughts to the world, and so can you.

Expressing of thoughts is one of the primary ways people get to communicate with like-minded individuals, and I think typography and graphic designs are ways to which to do so without speech.

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