The T-Shirt Care Guide

This doesn’t get much talked about, but you have to take care of your t-shirts. I say this because at times you might get lucky and get a t-shirt that would last for a very long time if you don’t necessarily pay attention and take care of it.
I am guilty of not properly taking care of my t-shirts, except my favourite ones and that is why I am here to help each of us take good care of our t-shirts. I’ve managed to compile a few DO’s and DON’TS of t-shirt care. Do find them below and please do us a favour of properly taking of those t-shirts from now. Not to worry, I will also do my best to follow these guidelines as well.


Wash shirts inside out.
Wash with cold water.
Use mild laundry detergents.
Dry shirt naturally (AIR-DRY ONLY)
Iron t-shirt inside out.


Do not use bleach
Do not dry clean
Do not put t-shirts in a dryer.
Do no wear shirts immediately after purchase, wash it to prevent sun stains.

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